Ayoub Electrotechnic is capable of providing a wide range of services in the field of electricity and power. Our products are made with high manufacturing quality and in compliance with almost all consultancy firms regulations.

  • Transfer Switches

    Includes automatic and manual operation based on the client needs. Manual transfer switches usually require human interference, while automatic transfer switches can perform the required switching between several power sources automatically and without any human interference. Transfer switches may contain various types of meters such as voltage, current, power, frequency etc. The design of a transfer switch is done based on the client needs in terms of brand, connections, and panel size and mounting.

  • Synchronization Systems

    One of the newest technology systems that are intended to increase efficiency and reliability for a power system. Synchronization is simply connecting two or more power sources in parallel to increase the total supplied power at a bus. Units that are to be connected in parallel might be identical in terms of capacity and brand and might be not. The high-tech controllers that are used in this process are capable of a wide range of functions starting from managing the automatic start/stop of a generator, and ending up with a PLC facilities that might be used to control other equipment.

  • Power Panel Building

    Ayoub Electortechnic is specialized in panel building all types of power panel such as distribution boards and protection systems. All power panels manufactured at our firm are equipped with detailed electrical schematics (Power and Control) in addition to accurate numbering for all wiring to ensure safe and quick maintenance and troubleshooting.

  • Diesel Generators Systems

    Nowadays, diesel generators are almost everywhere, and it's a must that the operation of these sets is managed logically and efficiently. To achieve this, load management systems are implemented. The management process is done based on several factors such as client needs, time of day, generator set hours run and load levels.

  • Remote Monitoring and Control Systems

    Especially in the field of diesel generators, it's very important, and sometimes critical, to have the system monitored and controlled remotely. For example, and in case of a hospital, it's unacceptable that the diesel power system which is the emergency power system, fail. To easily achieve this, all generators and transfer switches may be monitored and controlled remotely via PC or a smart phone. Modern technology has introduced the internet to such systems which made the monitoring and control even more flexible and efficient.

  • Automation Systems

    In the manufacturing market, many machines and equipment are classified old and thus limited functions capable. Thanks to technology and various automation electronics, it's now possible to introduce such systems to these old machines and increase their functions, and thus efficiency.

  • Electric Power Works

    This includes all types of works in the field of power industry such as cables installations, termination, lighting systems, lightning protection systems, earthing systems etc.