Project Title

Audi Bank Headquarters

Short Description

Replacement of Synchronizing and Load Share Modules
New DSE 8610 Panels
The Old Woodward 6200 System
Old Complicated System
New DSE 8610 Panels


In the "Palladium" building, where the headquarters of the second largest bank in Lebanon, "Audi" bank, there were and extremely serious situation threatening the normal operation of the whole building. The 4x635 KVA generators were using the old "6200" synchronizing and load sharing module made by "Woodward". This controller was classified as an old one with limited number of parameters and readings, especially the ones needed for troubleshooting.

With only 24 hours allocated for us to finish the work, we were able to replace the 4 old controllers with 4 new and advanced ones: "DSE 8610". After 12 continuous hours of work, we were able to start the generators, synchronize them, and supply power to the building, which was really an achievement.

Brand: "DSE 8610"
Location: Solidere, Beirut, Lebanon
Year: 2017