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Project Title

Manara Dairy - Mreijat Branch

Short Description

All Electrical Works
Initial State !!
Addition of Wall boxes


Manara Dairy Products was founded in 1960 by Mr. Youssef Abou Ghneim. Since its establishment, the factory was continuously being improved, developed and upgraded to the last technology that deals with dairy products. Today, "Manara Dairy" is one of the leaders in the dairy products manufacturers in Lebanon, with tens of quality and environmental awards.

In the "Zone Gate" resort, Bekaa largest project, "Manara Dairy" choose to open their new branch. Ayoub Electrotechnic was chosen to perform all the electrical works including but not limited to:
- Lighting
- Power Supply
- Sound and CCTV System
- UPS Network

Brand: "Schneider" & "Gewiss"
Rating: 4x63A
Location: Mreijat, Bekaa, Lebanon
Year: 2017