MEDCO Salaheddin Gas Station
Three Sources 4x100A Power Panel
OMEC Power System
New System
Old System
Three sources 3x800A power panel with load management system.
Minister Abdul Rahim Mourad Villa
Three Sources 3x100A Power Panel with Load Management System
Salaheddine Wood Factory
Three Sources 3x80A Power Panel
Qatar Gas Station
Old Installations
New Panel and Installations
3x65A ATS with Distribution Breakers
Izzat Daouk & Sons
Four Sources 3x150A Power Panel with Distribution Breakers
AngoMart Supermarket
450 & 800 KVA Caterpillar Generators
Upgrading to Motorized Circuit Breaker
Installation of DSE8610
Synchronization System for 2xCaterpillar Generators
Salem Shopping Center
Old Installations
3 Sources 3x35A Power Panel
Manara Dairy - Mreijat Branch
Initial State !!
Addition of Wall boxes
All Electrical Works
Audi Bank Headquarters
New DSE 8610 Panels
The Old Woodward 6200 System
Old Complicated System
New DSE 8610 Panels
Replacement of Synchronizing and Load Share Modules
Synchronization Panel
2x400 KVA Diesel Generators with 3 Outputs
Iraq Synchronization Panels
Two Panels for Two Oilfields
Daher Chicken Farm
Temperature and Humidity Controller
Automatic Transfer Switch + Power and Control Panel
Ayoub & Abou Chahine Concrete Factory
3 Sources 4x63A ATS
400 KVA Generator Distribution Board
Generator Distribution Board & 3 Sources ATS
Manara High School
Old Installations ...
Also Old Installations ...
During Overhaul
New System from Inside
Final State !!
4x60A Automatic Transfer Switch with Distribution Breakers
"Fortaleza" Shopping Mall
4 x 1350 KVA Diesel Power Plant
Chtoura Mall
- Three sources 3x600A power panel with load management system
- Distribution Board