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The need of power is continuously increasing everywhere, especially that new start ups are launched daily, and population is taking into growth. Because of that, power sources are in high demand, and thus, these power sources needs to be well installed and maintained.

"Ayoub Electrotechnic" mission is to provide the best quality of power installations with the best prices and commissioning periods.

Furthermore, we aim to improve clients existing installations that might be extremely old, and consequently achieve a stable operation and flexibility for these systems.


With over 10 years of continuous experience in the field of diesel power generation, "Ayoub Electrotechnic" is dedicated to provide all electrical services and works in the LV range.

We are specialized in power panels building, such as transfer switches and distribution boards. In addition, we are masters in the synchronization and paralleling systems as well as various types of remote control and monitoring systems (local & via Internet).

Automation is a part of "Ayoub Electrotechnic" services. We are pleased to introduce modern control technologies for any old industry or manufacturing process.


  • Diesel Generators Maintenance
  • Synchronization Systems
  • Switchgear and Automatic/Manual Transfer Switches
  • Control & Automation Solutions
  • Remote Monitoring & Control Systems
  • Indoor/Outdoor Electrical Installations